About our Club

After a several-year hiatus, the Vancouver Shogi Club is back!

About the Vancouver Shogi Club

Everyone is welcome to join us, regardless of skill level, age, gender or background.  Our players range from beginner (15-kyu) through to expert (5-dan), and we have instructors who are native English and native Japanese speakers. We would be happy to teach you how to play!

History of the Vancouver Shogi Club

Originally founded in 1968 by Mr. Makoto KUMANO (熊野理さん), the Vancouver Shogi Club was the first shogi club outside of Japan to be officially recognized by the Japan Shogi Association. Matches were played at a location on Hastings Street.

The club became mostly dormant in the late 1990s, but re-launched in 2000 with the opening of the Nikkei Centre building in Burnaby. Unfortunately the club became dormant again sometime around 2010.

Under new management, the club was re-launched again in 2014. We hope to introduce shogi to a broader audience here in Vancouver.


8 thoughts on “About our Club

  1. I play shogi online and I like to get a set can you tell where I can buy one
    in Canada? I’m in Ontario if you now of a shop here.
    thank you.

  2. Hi Mark. It’s nice to hear about your interest in shogi. There’s a store called Murata ( http://murata.ca/ ) in Vancouver that sells them, although they are currently sold out. They said that they would order some again, but it wouldn’t hurt to let them know of your interest. They’re on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/murata.ca .

    I’m not sure of any stores in Ontario that carry shogi sets. However, Twitter users @achiinto and @unjashfan are both shogi players based in Toronto – perhaps they could let you know?

    Another option is to buy online from the Nekomado shop in Japan, at http://shop.nekomado.com/ .


  3. I’m a Canadian living in Japan and am wondering if you can give me some information on how to join the International shogi Tournament in Shizuoka this Decmber.

    • Hi Laurie. Unfortunately Canadians living in Japan don’t qualify, but you could probably attend as a spectator. I would recommend getting in touch with the Japan Shogi Association.

  4. I am a resident of india and interested in shogi. I have started learning shogi, but i have no idea of any shogi clubs in india. Could please suggest if any. Also i am 20 years old. Can i train to become a professional player? And if yes, where in india?

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