International Shogi Forum

The International Shogi Forum (ISF, or “国際将棋フォーラム” in Japanese) is a triennial event in which the best shogi players from outside Japan compete against each other in an international tournament. You could think of it as the World Cup or Olympics of shogi. The ISF began in 1999, and has been staged every three years since then.

Canada’s participant is selected through the annual Canadian Shogi Championship (CSC). The CSC winner during each ISF year (every three years) will represent Canada at the ISF.

The winner of the ISF tournament is invited to participate in the amateur Ryu-O tournament in Japan, which is a high-level competition filled mostly with Japanese players who were once training to become professional shogi players.

This page is primarily meant to collect information regarding the results of the Canadian participants, but will also contain overall results, and links to interesting pages (such as photo galleries).

7th ISF (第七回国際将棋フォーラムin北九州), October 28-29, 2017, in Kitakyushu City (southwest Japan)

NOTE: unfortunately Canada will not send a representative due to a lack of player interest. Hopefully we can participate again in 2020.

6th ISF (December 6-7, 2014) in Shizuoka City, Japan

5th ISF (October 27-30, 2011) in Paris, France

4th ISF (November 7-10, 2008) in Tendo, Japan
ISF2008 logo

3rd ISF (October 22-23, 2005) in Tokyo, Japan

2nd ISF (October 18-19, 2002) in Tokyo, Japan

1st ISF (June 19-20, 1999) in Tokyo, Japan


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