Shogi Strategies

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        • This series of YouTube videos is one of the best ways to learn how to play shogi. It covers the basics, opening strategies, exercises and checkmate problems, as well as famous historical games. Highly recommended!


    • Has a good section on opening, including three types of castles (Yagura, Mino and Anaguma).
Shogi Openings (Facebook, Twitter, or blog)Shogi Openings blog by Akira Nishio
        • Akira Nishio, a professional 6-dan shogi player from Japan, writes this English-language blog that gives an overview of common opening strategies for shogi.


        • For the more advanced player, here is a book written by arguably the best shogi player of the 20th century, translated into English. (The ability to read shogi notations in Roman letters is required.)


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