Where to Buy

Murata WA Lifestyle Store (Vancouver and online)


This Japanese-themed shop sells mid-sized travel shogi sets for $39.95 plus tax. They are occasionally out of stock, so it is best to phone or email them before you travel. For those out of town, their website also offers online sales. (Note: when they are out of stock, the shogi page is taken off of their website.)


Address: 15 East Broadway (between Ontario St and Quebec St), Vancouver
Website: murata.ca
Facebook: Murata – WA Lifestyle Store
Twitter: @WA_LIFE_Murata

Strategy Games (online; with stores in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa)

Strategy Games

This online shop sells a shogi set with a drawer for $69.99 plus tax and shipping. It appears to be similar to this shogi set on Amazon.com. (They also sell a folding Chinese chess set for $29.99.)

Strategy Games - shogi set

Website: strategygames.ca

NEKOMADO (online; based in Japan)


Another option is to order a set from overseas. NEKOMADO (which translates literally as “window cat”) is an online shogi store run by professional female shogi player Madoka KITAO. They sell shogi sets, board, pieces, equipment, books, and so on. The website is in English and caters to the international community.

Hidetchi shogi set

We have found that if your total order (products plus shipping) is less than CAD100, you are unlikely to have to pay any duty/import fees. However, this could change at any time.

Website: shop.nekomado.com

Rakuten Global Market (online; based in Japan)

Rakuten Global Market logo

Rakuten is similar to Amazon, selling a wide variety of products. They recently opened an international version of their website. Although it is in English, most of it is auto-translated from Japanese and can be confusing. They have a wide variety of stock, and sell some premium products that are difficult to find on English/international websites.

Rakuten shogi koma

Like with NEKOMADO, be aware of potential duty fees when purchasing items that originate from Japan.

Website: global.rakuten.com


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